Age Regression

Age Regression Therapy at Inner Quest Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Age Regression Therapy is well suited to clients who feel they have unresolved issues stemming from the past.

In age regression therapy the client is helped to remember the perceptions and feelings caused by past events that have an effect on their present situation/illness.

Age regression is an intense method of revisiting events, time periods or relationships whose lack of resolution has had ill effects on a person’s current life. Age regression requires intense trust between the therapist and client and a willingness on the part of the client to re-experience what may have been a painful or scarring event as a crucial part of the age regression therapy.

Age regression therapy can be an effective means of addressing phobias, fears, anxieties, and blocks in interpersonal relationships, career goals, and personal ambitions.

Age regression therapy can also help uncover the sources of problems related to addiction, sleep disorders, hypochondria, negative behaviors or beliefs, and obsessive compulsions. Age regression therapy sheds light on the underlying emotions that cause addictions and bad habits.

Often, age regression therapy reveals that these negative behaviors have served to distract individuals from addressing painful aspects of their past or their subconscious minds. Age regression can also highlight damaging past experiences that drugs or alcohol have been used to subvert.

The client is asked to recall a past event or regress to an earlier age.  The client may then proceed to recall or relive events in his life. If the hypnotherapist suggests that the client is of a certain age, the client may begin to appear to talk, act, and think according to that age. This allows for the client to reinterpret their current situation with new information and insights.

The client will be able to recall a past event as if it were occurring in the present. When utilizing hypnosis, a memory can be frozen and explored more in-depth.

The client is able to focus on specific details of his/her memories. The experience for the client is similar to watching a videotape of a past event. Often, they are able to see and feel the past experience. However, he/she is still very much aware of the present moment. The client is simply primarily focused on viewing the past.

Clients are even able to smell odors or hear sounds related to the specific regression. The client possesses control of the entire regression. After the regression is finished, the client is still able to recall everything that he spoke of while hypnotized.



The purpose of hypnotic age regression is to reframe the negative feelings and perceptions of the past to facilitate progress towards the client’s goals. It allows clients to find the cause of their current blocks and their past traumas. When clients are hypnotized, they are in an altered state that allows for their subconscious mind to be accessed. The subconscious mind holds the behaviors and habits that people exhibit to protect them. These behaviors and habits are repeated until they are not necessary any more. Hypnotic age regression allows for clients to reframe and purge their unnecessary behaviors.

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