Clearing Emotional Blocks

Clearing Emotional Blocks at Inner Quest Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Clearing Emotional Blocks

Emotional blocks are unresolved suppressed emotions.  Your past experiences and associated unresolved emotions created self-limiting beliefs about yourself and others.  In order for your mind to protect you from experiencing painful emotions, the emotions are repressed and a defense mechanism is created to protect you from experiencing those painful emotions. Defense mechanism becomes the blockage to achieving your goals.

We are triggered daily by our past unresolved emotions.  Once triggered, we become defensive and reactive and regress back to our past unresolved emotions.  Triggers could be anger, hurt, sadness, grief, resentment, guilt, fear, judgment, abandonment, insecurities, etc.  You may be triggered by a person, a situation, song, smell, color, etc.  For instance, when triggered by anger you may deflect your feelings and become reactive and blame another or the situation.

Unexpressed emotions block body’s energy flow and  can create chronic physical pain such as back pain, stomach problems, fatigue, weakness.  This is referred to as psychosomatic pain.

To overcome emotional blocks we need to look deep inside ourselves to find the answers.  Finding, confronting and releasing the past experiences that shaped our view of ourselves and the world that stop us from achieving our goals.

While growing up, if you repeatedly heard comments that implied “you are not good enough”, you subconsciously created negative perceptions of yourself and later in life when triggered you may feel anger, hurt,  or shut down and become depressed and unable to take action towards your goals.

The memory of these experiences are stored in our body cells and this is referred to as cellular memory.  Traumatic incidents, from childhood leave an emotional imprint on our cellular memory. For example, a person who has  been abandoned as a child may have the fear of the loss of a relationship. 

Suppressed emotions lead to feelings such as depression, anger, abuse, etc.  repressing traumatic emotions only results in a negative manifestation that can be destructive to you and those around you. By allowing yourself to feel and release these emotions, you release the pain and trauma associated with it.

Subconscious Mind

The root cause of all emotional issues lies in the subconscious mind.   The subconscious mind is the storehouse of all our emotions, beliefs, memories, and experiences.  In order to resolve  our deeper issues we need to explore, find and release trauma in the subconscious mind.

Clearing Emotional Blocks Process

The process of clearing emotional blocks requires awareness, honesty, and openness and it involves working on all aspects of our being.  Increased awareness of what you are experiencing creates space allowing you to choose how you want to act or react to situations.

This process allows you to become mindful of your thoughts and feelings, gaining power over them; free yourself to pursue what you truly desire in life; work toward your highest potential and become the person you want to be.

The end result of clearing emotions is to reach the state of acceptance, forgiveness and making peace with the past and ourselves.

Clearing emotional blocks helps:

  • Resolve past negative experiences and all repressed emotions associated with it
  • Break destructive habits, behaviors and beliefs
  • Overcome depression, anxiety and fear
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence
  • Overcome social anxiety
  • Make healthier choices & decisions
  • More success in career and making money
  • Create better relationships
  • Become motivated to live life

Clearing Emotional Blocks Using Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Therapeutic Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective and fastest ways to access the subconscious mind and release emotional blockages.  Hypnosis,  bypasses the conscious mind and accesses the subconscious mind. Under hypnosis past repressed traumas are retrieved and emotions associated with it are released.

Becoming aware of subconscious emotions and behaviors allows you to  stop creating false perceptions about yourself and the world around you. This enhances your overall emotional and physical well-being in everyday performance and results in a healthier, happier and more productive lifestyle. Through hypnosis we tap into our repressed emotions and eliminate fears, self-defeating behaviors, limiting beliefs, thereby healing our mind and body and making lasting positive changes.

Take Charge

You have the ability to take charge of your life and decide to  live a fuller life.  If you are ready to release what no longer serves you and free yourself from the past influence, then hypnotherapy can help to remove those blocks and step into an empowering future.  By clearing the past you are freeing the present and therefore creating a better future.

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