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Hi Clarice,

I have been thinking of you and wanted to check-in!  I am still sober!  April 29 will be 9 months!

This all came at the right time because my husbands health has declined and I need to be here for him not with a bottle. It was really more stressful to drink than not drinking, now looking back at it. I have never wanted to cave but believe me I have been tested! I can’t fathom being that out of control, because I know it is not just one drink!

My daughter asked me a couple of weeks ago if I would go back to drinking, maybe as things get worse for my husband or when I am by myself, I told her no. I know she believes me and respects what I have done. I am still asked if I want a drink and I say yes!  I get the wide eyes with oh, she is going to have a drink, at last! Either I have brought my own drink or ask if they have cranberry juice?  Oh, I have watched my friends drink!  I know I can drive home safely, get a good nights sleep and wake up without a hang over!

I will always think about it when I am confronted, but thankfully it is not a struggle, for that I want to thank you.

I think of you often, and am grateful I found you when I did. I had my annual physical last month and told my Doc. and she was very impressed. I gave her your name for she has a patient that needs your help desperately!

I’ll stay in touch. If you want to use any of this note in support of your work, feel free.

My best,


Happiness & Contentment



She is excellent. My life has shifted in a deep level, she has made a huge difference in the level of my happiness in a day to day basis in the 3 sessions that I have taken with her. She taught me techniques to access to safety and security and create happiness and contentment in a deeper level. Side benefits: Self love, emotional independence, peace, and security in deep level, etc.

I would highly recommend her if you are dealing with anxiety. She helped me to overcome it when she took me to the earliest stages of my life. She helped me to heal the wounds… Now I can sleep well, and I do not experience anxiety… She helped me to overcome my insecurities, change my diet, since then I have gained few more pounds, but I look healthy… (not anorexic) My hair started thicken and back to the normal healthy self. Very thankful.

A. A.

Alcohol Dependency



I went to Clarice because I wanted stop my alcoholic dependency.   My drinking over the years had gotten worse and I wanted to know why and to break the vicious cycle.

From the first session Clarice started opening up old family wounds that over the years had caused doubts about how I was raising my daughter, insecurities at work and how to handle relationships. In Five sessions we unraveled so many things and I felt like a weight was lifted off me and not drinking was not hard at all.

I would go to her for any type of problem for it was an amazing process.

Barbara E.

New Outlook On Life



Long before I met Clarice, a friend of mine told me she had used hypnosis to quit smoking.  I was skeptical.  So, when I was finally ready to quit, I spent a couple of years trying all kinds of approaches, which never stuck.  Thankfully, a friend introduced me to Clarice!

I had intended to see her purely for smoking, but in our first session, she immediately perceived that I actually needed some work on a few other issues first, so it was a few sessions before we started the cigarette work.  But I felt immediate relief in other areas, and began the work I’m continuing with Clarice to this day.  As soon as I completed the first non-smoking session, I was done with cigarettes.  And Clarice was fantastic in the early stages – calling to check on me, adding extra sessions if I was having a difficult time, helping me consciously (and subconsciously!) to change my habits.  I have now been a non-smoker for more than 2 years – something many of my friends didn’t think would ever be possible.

Since then, she has helped me reshape so many of my habits, I can’t even count them – some easier than others, but she’s been with me every step of the way.  And, in the last year, she was instrumental in my surviving cancer, and I will never be able to thank her enough.

Above all, I have never felt judged by her – she is always honest, sometimes blunt, has great ideas, and has given me a new outlook on myself and life.  And we’ve had some great laughs together.

If you’re considering hypnotherapy (in which I now wholeheartedly believe), go see Clarice asap!

Maia P.




Dearest Clarice,

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas, and I wish you the absolute best, success, happiness, great health and all the things that are important to you in the new year and beyond.

I want to take this time to genuinely THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all your help. Meeting and speaking with you was a blessing for me. You heard and listened to me talk and cry that I really couldn’t with anyone else because you made me feel safe and secure. I love you so much and you are truly one of a kind. I admire and respect your intelligence and hard work.

Please let me know what I can do for you. Once again, thank you!



Social Anxiety



I started working with Clarice through the recommendation of a friend several years ago as an alternative to traditional psychotherapy, which I had been attending twice per week with little result. Clarice’s insight and skill in hypnotherapy as well as in behavioral therapy quickly helped me resolve issues that had been holding me back for years, (including extreme social anxiety, low self-esteem, childhood trauma and depression) that I had been unable to clear through more mainstream therapy methods.

Clarice has guided me through a complete transformation of my self-image, has helped develop my relationships (professional and personal) and has monitored an incredible growth and improvement in my life.

She has been a teacher, mentor, life coach and spiritual guide, and an incredibly positive influence in my life. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Julia D.

Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind



This review is long overdue. Where do I begin? Clarice is an incredible woman who has a passion to help you feel your best. She’s a compassionate non-judgmental listener who seeks to understand your issues and then tailors the hypnosis sessions to address your specific concerns and to help you reprogram your subconscious so you can live your best possible life.

It’s a shame that more people and institutions don’t understand the benefits and the significance of this type of therapy; however,  I’m confident that as our planet progresses spiritually and learns of the different realms of realities beyond the five senses, alternative treatments such as hypnotherapy will become an important part of total wellness care that will address each patient’s physical emotional mental and spiritual needs.


Courage & Confidence



I love Clarice! She is the best hypnotherapist I can possibly imagine. She is incredibly attentive, and genuinely wants to help! I feel safe and comfortable with her, and she has truly been the reason why I have been able to make so many positive changes  in my life altogether.

She has given me the courage and confidence to fulfill my dreams and I couldn’t thank her enough. I have learned so much from her as well ,which I apply in my day to day life.

She is passionate about what she does, and she is someone whom you can trust. I love and respect her as a person, and value her expertise. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with absolutely ANYTHING. She is warm and welcoming, and I am so happy I have found her.


Public Speaking



Clarice is incredible. She has a unique ability to help you find the very things you need to work on to improve your life. She helped me conquer a fear of public speaking and enabled me to turn the uncertain into power.  I can’t recommend her enough.





I have had a handful of sessions with Clarice over the years and each one has been helpful and extremely special.  For most of my teenage years I have struggled with Self-confidence and appreciating my own intelligence and self worth. 

Clarice helped me realize that these feelings are not the truth about myself and led me back to childhood memories where these thoughts and beliefs were formed. It was a huge emotional relief to finally have a source for these feelings and it was extremely helpful in coping with these emotions.  I finally had a much clearer understanding of myself and of my past.  A weight was lifted off shoulders and the cycle of self hate stopped.  Knowing that my feelings weren’t entirely my fault allowed me to come to terms with the depression and also gave me a break from beating myself up about having depression. 

Clarice also helped me with my present relationships with men.  My father has often been a stressful part of my life supplying fuel to the negative talk in my head.  This caused me to lash out at other male forms and in the relationships I did form, this caused me to develop bad habits which only further destroyed my self-esteem. By realizing the patterns I was creating for myself, I am working to center myself and direct the focus within rather than searching for love and happiness in external sources. 

Now with Clarice’s help and insight I am working towards appreciating myself and realizing that I have the power within myself to be safe, appreciated, respected, and be happy.


Molested As A Child



Inner Quest has truly helped my emotions and my body find peace. Always being so stressed, trying to tackle too many things at once and always having the thought of being molested when I was young, Clarice allowed me to face my fears and conquer them. I was molested by a family member when I was a young child. I never told anybody about it until I was 25, which has taken a toll on my mental health. I thought I was to blame for it, and always felt guilty about the issue. The thought of it recurred as I became older and many horrid thoughts came into my mind. Thanks to a friend, I was referred to Clarice of Inner Quest.

Firstly, Clarice is a very sweet person who is very caring of her clients and always does her best to help. Clarice has a very effective method to help whatever problems you may have. After the first session, I already felt at ease, mentally and emotionally. I continue to feel this way even after sessions have ended.

The hypnotherapy method truly changed my life for the better because it allowed me to stop dwelling on that horrible life incident. I now have the courage that I once thought I could have, as well as the peace of mind that was taken from me as a young child.

If you try the sessions with Clarice, I guarantee it will help shape your future for the better. Take it from somebody who’s never thought of therapy as a resort of help and never looking for help from others. Save yourself in the future by helping yourself now. If you have tried conventional therapy, Clarice is better than the rest. It really is different to the conventional ‘therapy sessions’ that many people practice, therefore, one must be willing to be open-minded about this different treatment method. No bells or pendulums are swinging to make her clients be hypnotized. That is just television stuff…

I’d highly recommend this method of treatment to those who think they feel lost, or if they would like to see other options prior to going to extreme measures. Whatever the case may be, Clarice will have what is needed to help you. The thoughts of being molested as a young child no longer affect my daily livelihood. I can live and think about my family, friends, work and sports with a clear mind. Feel free to call Clarice to understand more about this, she is always willing to help.

Charles, L.

Fear & Anger



I came to Clarice because I had various fear and anger issues that was affecting my relationships and from day one Clarice helped me recognize my patterns and gave me techniques to use while outside her office. She was always very professional, respectful and her welcoming behavior allowed me to feel comfortable about opening up. There was never any judgement or criticism. I learned a great deal about myself while working with Clarice and will be forever grateful for all that she has helped me bring back into my life.

Thank you Clarice!


Anxiety Disorder



Clarice is a great therapist because she uses her knowledge, experience and in my opinion her ability to narrow down the root of the problem and focusing on how to overcoming your negative condition by positive reinforcement.

I was referred to Clarice by a good friend of mine and like anything new, I had my doubts of this even working, especially since I had been dealing with anxiety disorder for most of my life. When I first started we talked about what issues I was dealing with it and what may have caused it. Her insight and her positive reinforcement not only helped me with different perspectives that I had never thought about, but the courage to overcome the fear and/or anxiety I was dealing with. I notice this when I first attempted the advice she gave me after our first session and I did something that usually caused me to have anxiety (elevators).  I was surprised on how calm I was when I was in the elevator and when the doors opened to my floor, I decide to not get off the elevator and ride it again down.  I not only surprise my self but also my wife who was there to encourage and support me. This is one of the experiences that she has helped me with to overcome my disorder.

I know that this is the first step of a road ahead of me but with Clarice’s help in guiding in the rough terrain ahead of me, I know I will get to that place in my life where I want to be. Enjoying it carefree and no longer battling the anxieties I deal with every day. I plan to continue my sessions with Clarice and if you are looking for someone to help you with your “problems”, then Clarice is a therapist I would recommend.

Fernando C.




I first visited Clarice for an anxiety problem I suffered due to my hostile work environment.  After only a few sessions my anxiety levels had diminished and I became clear on how I wanted to handle my work situation, which had been plaguing me for over 6 months.

Now I intend to keep on visiting Clarice just to help me create more of the kind of life I want to live.

I highly recommend Clarice  to anyone who wants to change their lives for the better.


Bowel Incontinence



Clarice is the best!. She enables you to make profound life changes instantly. I want to share my story so that other people can end their suffering like I did. With hypnotherapy, and an excellent hypnotherapist like Clarice, you can not only change mental habits, phobias, anxieties, but physical ones as well.

For about two years, I experienced a condition that progressively worsened. Initially, I would describe it as having an overactive bladder, then it gradually became bowel incontinence as well, both induced by something akin to panic attacks. This was intensely embarrassing and shameful considering that I’m a fit young woman. After having some extreme episodes, I went to numerous doctors and specialists, but no one could find anything wrong with me. In the back of my mind, I knew my episodes were somehow linked to a traumatic life experience that occurred just before I began having problems. This led me to google hypnotherapy and that’s how I found Clarice. I had three sessions with her, but I can honestly say 80% of the work was done in the first session. Right away she knew how to solve my problem. During hypnotherapy, took me back through childhood experiences, something I would have never guessed was related to my current situation.

Driving home after our first meeting, I felt more free than I had in years, and my problem was nearly gone, like a light switch had been turned off. It has now been about 8 months since I worked with her, and my life is amazing. I’m myself again, I feel secure in going places and having fun. All of my relationships improved dramatically, I no longer feel like an agoraphobe, and my self-confidence and self-worth are back. Today, I can honestly say I am 99% cured, though of course I had to do more work on my own. Clarice provides great self-hypnosis CDs after the sessions, and meditation and yoga help a lot as well. All I can say is that Clarice is so incredibly amazing at what she does, and I would see her once a month if I could. She can help with anything and everything.


Disclaimer:  Individual Results May Vary.