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Shift In Perspectivess



Clarice is an amazing, warm human being and a gifted hypnotherapist.  She is exceptionally intelligent.  Through her attentive listening she is able to quickly discern patterns and issues that are affecting you which you may or may not realize about yourself.  This allows her to help you with the root causes of your life problems, particularly those that you find repeating.  She treats you with full respect, and at all times she holds full confidence in your ability to work through and resolve your concerns.  It’s like having your own personal cheerleader in your corner!

I personally have experienced a profound shift in my life perspective from working with Clarice. Since I started working with her, I have more energy, more peace in my mind and body, and feel much more open to all that life has to offer me.  I no longer feel the compulsion to please others, I have less inclination to raise my voice in disagreement, and I spend WAY less time worrying about what others are thinking/doing.  I wake up every morning feeling refreshed and full of excitement about my day.

If you are ready for real changes in your life, and more of the same is no longer an option for you, I recommend that you call Clarice and start working with her as soon as possible.

Rebecca W.

Sleep Issues



With great enthusiasm, I write this review about Ms. Clarice Barkhordarian and the hypnotherapy services she provided me regarding my sleep issues.

Ms. Barkhordarian’s professionalism was evident within the first five minutes of contact. During our sessions, I realized the depth and breadth of her knowledge base in hypnotherapy. Clarice is articulate, perceptive and warm. She clearly assessed my issues and worked with me to develop tangible and pragmatic solutions. As a result, my sleep issues are being progressively resolved.

I look forward to future sessions with Clarice for reinforcement and sincerely hope we maintain contact!

Esther Aheroni

Life Changing



I don’t usually write reviews, but I cannot spread the news about how amazing Clarice has been for me fast enough. 

Clarice is highly observant and possesses extremely high emotional intelligence.  Her depth of knowledge of the hypnotherapy field and the extent of her experience speak to the high quality care.  Her warmth and very nurturing disposition helped me feel at ease right at the start and allowed me to freely open up and seek the healing and guidance I desperately needed. 

My first therapy session with her was highly effective and already life changing. I was able to work through a 30 year old trauma in just one session and successfully address other difficult emotional issues with following sessions. I was able to quickly regain a sense of self, clarity and emotional strength, and Clarice was crucial in that healing process. I could not imagine a better outcome out of therapy.


Passed Exam



Hi Clarice,

I passed my exam above the passing score. The whole family was happy that I passed. I finally got the chance to email you back. Since heading back to San Francisco for a couple of weeks, I was unable to get back to you soon. I thanked you on my Facebook page on the day after the exam. I was celebrating a lot after. Well the hypnotherapy worked. Thank you for all your help.


Study & Test




Thank you so much for healing my son’s soul.  On Saturday when he had his first session, I could see it in his face that evening that his soul felt more at peace.  His face had changed.  I could see that a big weight had been lifted.   The next day he told me that he did feel relief and was taking all the information that he learned from you and applying it to his studies.  He also told me that he thought that you were going to teach him a technique, instead you taught him how to do things by applying himself.  How wonderful is that!  God bless you for all the people that you heal.  You truly are a gift to this world.

Today, my son took his test in reading and out of 10 points he got 8.  We were all so surprised and excited.  He would usually get 0 to 3 points when doing the reading test.  I knew deep down that it was your wisdom and sound advice that helped my son move forward.  I pray everyday that he continues to move forward in his healing.  We have had so much tragedy with death in our family that it really has hurt him.  I had not know how to help him.

Thank you again for the healing session.  Oh before I forget, my daughter says hi.


Changes After Chemotherapy



Dear Clarice,

To say “Thank you” for helping me get my life back would be such an understatement of what I feel.  I knew there were changes in me after undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, but I had no idea what had caused those changes.  Helping me discover what was actually going on has made my life the free and happy life it had always been.  My husband and I are once again the “love birds” we always were.

I can not express how happy we both are and what a difference you have made in our lives.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

I still haven’t ridden my motorcycle, but it is in my future to do so.

May God bless you for the help you give to others.


Lynn Koch

Fear Of Flying



Hi Clarice,

I hope you remember me, I came to you last summer for a series of sessions regarding fear of flying.  Well, it has taken me a year, but I have just returned from a weekend in New Hampshire. I flew out of Long beach last Thursday night. Arrived in Boston early Friday morning.  Drove around with my sister, had a job interview, accepted the position, flew back through turbulence and am now beginning packing so I can move to Peterborough, NH!!!  All thanks to you!!

Thank you so very much!! You can’t know what it means to me to be able to fly.  Well, maybe you do, but I had promised you I would let you know when I flew.

Thanks for everything!

Joy and love to you,


Anxiety Disorder



I went to see Clarice at an extremely difficult time in my life last fall and she helped me through it.

I have an anxiety disorder and I have tried to solve it with different types of therapy, alcohol, marijuana, zoloft…etc but with no significant improvement, I was still getting panic attacks left and right.

After two sessions with Clarice I started to feel at ease and my panic attacks stopped. Clarice helped me dig deep and face what I was going through using hypnosis, suggestions, a very useful swish pattern (which I still use to this day) and she helped me develop a trigger that I can use whenever I need to. Within two sessions and I have found a peace of mind.

Skeptical? I don’t blame you. I was too. But hypnotherapy will work for you if you walk into with an open mind and a desire to try something different to get a change.

One advice is follow through. You’ll get the best results by absorbing what you discuss with Clarice and if she recommends a certain CD or gives you one, follow her instructions and listen to it. It’s been few months after my last session and I still listen to her recordings and I get the outcome I want.


Fear Of Driving On Freeways




Do you want to attract love, success and health into your life. Clarice will guide you to reach your goals by helping you to reclaim your POWER and by helping you dissolve and release your negative thoughts and fears.

On a practical level after one session she helped me overcome my fear of driving on freeways.   Her hypnotherapy technique is so effective. She is a master and the environment is comfortable and safe.

After 2 sessions with Clarice she inspired my husband to start going to the gym every day a feat I had not been able to achieve in years.

I cannot recommend Clarice enough!


Achieve Positive Results




When I was first referred to Clarice I was open but skeptical about hypnotherapy. But in the first session Clarice was able to take me to a very deep relaxing space while she inputted positive affirmations about my specific issue. She is an intuitively brilliant healer who has the ability to listen and then see exactly what is going on with you. She gives you her insight into your specific challenge and /or situation in a very loving non judgmental way. I was astounded at how clearly she was able to cut through the chase and see what is going on.

I have learned so much about myself through our sessions which are 2 hours long. The first talking and the second hypnotherapy.

She is brilliant and helps you achieve positive results in your life no matter what the challenge. I also love her affirmation and subliminal CDs which she gives to her clients as a gift.

Don’t hesitate to book a session with her now. It will transform your life.


Childhood Issues



A Whole New Perspective!

I was in a bad way, at a “breaking point” … By fate, I surfed the internet and found Clarice’s website.  I was always curious about hypnotherapy and decided to give it a try; anyway, I figured I had nothing to lose.

In a very short time and in a very caring manner, Clarice was able to identify the root of the “problem” I was facing – some childhood issues that I was aware of intellectually but didn’t address on an emotional level.  The few sessions it took to resolve those issues have changed my life.  I now know that I can move forward in life empowered with the tools and resources to create a rich and fulfilling life.

I consider myself very fortunate to have found Clarice.  She has shown me the internal strength and power that we all have at our disposal, if we would only understand how to access it.                       


Pros: Caring Approach, Quickly Identified Problem Source.

Cons: None

Worries & Fears



Life Changing!!!

The first time I went to see Clarice, I was skeptical and was convinced the hypnotherapy wouldn’t work (I already tried it with several other hypnotherapists), but I thought I’ll try it anyway as I was in serious need of help. I haven’t slept in 2 weeks with worries and fears so I went. I was pleasantly surprised. After our first session, my life changed.  All my fears, insecurities were gone and over the next few sessions, my self esteem, belief and positivity were becoming a permanent part of me. I feel fearless, happy and I feel like I can achieve anything I want in life.

I love all the sessions, every session is different and personal to every person’s needs and Clarice targets that. The best experience of my life! She saved my career and gave me a positive future. She could be everyone’s personal “Secret”.

Thank you Clarice.


Pros: Patient, understanding, kind, caring, amazing professional.

Cons: None

Anxiety, Anger & Agoraphobia



At age 72, two years ago, I suffered from everyday anxiety in anticipations of being tested for my dirver’s license.  After just one therapy appointment consisting of one hour of discussion and one hour of hypnotherapy, I passed the test with flying colors.

Thanks to Clarice I was also able to relax and reduce my agoraphobia fear of being home alone or leaving the house for lengthy periods of time.

With Clarice’s assistance my anger was greatly reduced and I feel much happier and healthier.

I will continue to seek therapy with Clarice in order to enjoy my life with family and friends.





The place that changes lives forever

I was really skeptical but since I told my partner I was going to see a hypnotherapist I had to go through with it and boy am I so glad I did.  It only took a few sessions and I was a changed man.  I am over three months sober without any desires or craving to drink.   I can host parties and be around alcohol without any problems of wanting one. I truly recommend you see this lady she is great!!  Easy going no hassles, it’s very simple… I highly recommend her.

DJ Alvarez




Hi Clarice,

Thanks for checking in on me… I am doing very well.  Enjoying the new job at Sony, busy planning my wedding.

The value of your work is that it’s both subtle and profound and the effects have a slow, cumulative build.  The biggest change I’ve noticed in my life is that a large portion of fear I used to experience is simply not there anymore.   It’s not taking up space in my life or in my mind.  My mixing partner commented on how calmly I was taking on the new responsibilities and training with my job.  It’s not so much that I feel less anxiety or notice how calm I’m feeling?  It’s that I’m considering doing things and simply doing them, without feeling fearful about doing them… for instance, attending a seminar and not feeling fearful in the slightest about the idea of attending by myself and having to meet and talk with strangers.  It simply didn’t bother me at all.  I have been going to meet ups, again with no fear.  I feel like I have a lot more mental space to stretch and explore and live the life that I want to live, without holding myself back.  I am sure it will just continue to get better and better. 

Thank you for giving me such a valuable gift in allowing me to actually LIVE my life, in a more direct, active, calm, happy way. 

I hope you are doing well and having a lovely fall so far! 


See Things In A Different Way



Great Help

Since my first contact with Clarice over the phone I knew that she was going to be able to help me with my problem and as soon as I walked into our first meeting at that moment I felt like I can tell her anything that was going on my life at that time.

Well I can tell you that my feeling were correct Clarice was a great experience in my life during her sessions I started to relax and feel absolutely calm in my life and was able to see things in a very different way and that just the way that I wanted to see them, she help me a great deal and thanks to her and her advise I live a much happier life now than before I met with her.

I strongly recommend Clarice you will have a great experience and she will be able to help you.

Augie Lomeli

Pros: Very good Person

Cons: None

Establish New Patterns Of Thinking



You owe it to yourself to give it a try

Like many people, I was initially very skeptical of hypnotherapy. My wife, who a few years ago was suffering from various allergies and had tried all kinds of cures before, signed up for a package of 10 sessions with Clarice. After a few very positive experiences with her, she encouraged me to try it, too. With nothing to loose, I decided to see for myself what a hypnotherapy session was like.

That was a truly serendipitous experience. I was at the time under a lot of stress working on a new business. I hadn’t even realized the need for some personal coaching and mentoring to deal with a new level of responsibilities. 

From the very first session, Clarice asked exactly the right questions, listened, and was able to pinpoint issues I needed to resolve in my thinking, if I were to rise to the new challenges. She then deployed, with great expertise, some of her many hypnotherapeutic techniques to ensure that I was actually able to affect the needed changes, and that the changes would be lasting.

Lasting change, indeed, is what Clarice was able to provide. Her techniques may belong to the realm of hypnotherapy, but they’re essentially designed to help focus the mind in such a way that it can establish new patterns of thinking, and rid itself of old, useless habits. Unlike many other therapists, coaches, and even psychologists, her goal is not to make you dependent on endless therapeutic sessions, but rather to teach you the tools to so that you can use those techniques on yourself.

For instance, I often practice some of her guided imagery and visualization techniques before important meetings or project deadlines – using those techniques the desired outcomes become so focused, so real and detailed that preparation for such important events becomes much easier. In that sense, Clarice is truly a teacher, in addition to being a therapist.

Another truly amazing aspect of Clarice’s personality and professional approach is that she listens to her clients in a completely non-judgmental way. That is a very rare ability that I had never experienced in the presence of any person before. She is able to establish an environment where you can truly share with her your personal concerns and fears without having to worry that she’d form unfavorable opinions of any kind. That non-judgmental milieu then makes her therapy so much more effective. It also has long-lasting effects: having experienced such an atmosphere first hand means that we ourselves become better listeners in our relationships with our loved ones and colleagues. (It also has a downside, though: we will start to expect others close to us to have a similar attitude, which is not easy to come by.)

I’d like to point out two more aspects of her practice that impressed me: First, she is very, very smart – if you like to have a really intelligent conversation about your issues with someone, Clarice is the person to go to. Second, she is also caring for her clients – she would follow up with phone calls and emails to make sure that the changes she helped affect are lasting.

I could not recommend her more.

Pros: You’re lucky if you get to meet her

Cons: None

Frank S.

Childhood Issues



Clarice’s Healing Voice

From the moment I met Clarice, it literally was like meeting a long lost relative, that you are so happy to see, once again. Having gone to hypnotherapy school myself, I knew what to expect, but she blew me away with her techniques. I was so relaxed, that I didn’t even realize I was hypnotized. We delved in about as deep as you can go into childhood issues, and she gently and lovingly guided me through things that literally have haunted me all my life. I finally feel a sense of hope that had always escaped me. I can’t say enough for Clarice’s patience, the time she takes to see you through, her genuine kindness that lights up the room, and gives you an amazing feeling of safety, of home. MY LIFE IS RICHER FOR HAVING THE GOOD FORTUNE OF KNOWNG HER.

Pros:  Supportive, Professional, Very Knowledgeable

Cons: None

Clare Marie

Clear Mental Blocks



A short path to inner healing and improving quality of life!

I signed up to quit smoking with Clarice. I found her to be such an excellent  Hypnotherapist, that I’ve continued sessions with her off and on over the past 2 years.

Clarice was instrumental in helping me clear the mental road blocks that were preventing me from achieving personal happiness.   Her ability to zero in and help clear the negative subconscious thoughts, have enabled me to improve the relationships I have with others. By identifying the relationship I was having with myself, and working with her expert counseling combined with the hypnotherapy techniques, my self-esteem is up where it should be.  I’m much happier and much more confident.  My creative energy and drive improved because I was no longer stuck in a cycle of depression.

I can honestly say I would not be as successful in my business and family life today. Unlike other therapy sessions that are 45 minutes, barely enough time to “unpack” before time is up, Clarice gives you time to genuinely dig into issues, ending with a healing hypnotherapy session that sends you off on the right track. The CDs she provides for reinforcement between sessions really work. Whenever I’m feeling stressed, or depressed, I put on the CD and allow the subconscious to stay on task. I’ve tried a couple of different therapists over the years. None of them were able to help me achieve the personal level of satisfaction and conflict resolution that Clarice has.


Disclaimer:  Individual Results May Vary.

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