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Positive Changes



Positive Changes!

I was referred to Clarice by my sister. I mostly go for a couple of reasons. Relationship strategies, Goals / Motivation, Self-Esteem / Confidence and Emotional Healing.  At my age and in my society when a person goes to therapy is because there is something mentally wrong with that person, basically they are crazy. But with Clarice it’s different I feel very relaxed to be able to open up to her and explain to her what my problems are. For the past year she has been able to make me feel like I am worthy of myself and that its okay to love myself first before anybody else. I am a very sensitive person and was very emotionally distraught. Her positive talks and encouragement has helped me grow as a woman.

I am able to think clearly especially in relationships and my self-esteem has boosted more than I can possibly imagine. I was able to get over a very difficult relationship I was in and forget about all the hurtful things I went thru and concentrate more on how I as a person can move on and enjoy the blessings I have in life.

Clarices’ hypnotherapy works wonders and all the encouraging words make me feel better and better about myself. I am only 24 and I don’t plan on ending my therapy sessions anytime soon. I will continue to go and have Clarice give me those wonderful motivating words.

Brenda B.

Beyond Mental Limitations



Truly amazing Hypnotherapist 😉

Clarice is an incredibly kind, amazing person with a natural talent for healing. She helped me work through some childhood issues that were affecting my adult life and within a relatively short period was able to reclassify some fairly traumatic experiences. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to push beyond mental limitations.  Her positive insight and consistent encouragement are well worth the price of admission.





Best Hypnotherapist in LA 😉

My son is a 17-yr old high school senior. He has had what other professionals called a “stuttering problem” since 4th grade. He has seen a few speech therapist since the problem arose without any success. Unlike the typical stuttering, he couldn’t produce any sound when he wanted to talk, often having a soundless delay that lasted 5-10 seconds. This problem not only effected his academic performance, his football performance as a high school quarterback, but also social issues. All of us were so frustrated because their didn’t seem like there was any solution, other than “he’ll grow out of it.” A family MD suggested hypnotherapy. We just got lucky to have found Clarice. After the very first session, our son was completely different. He was talking and singing with the music on our way home. As expected, he would regress. Under hypnosis, it was determined that an incident in 4th grade during an in-class reading assignment (where he stuttered, and the class and teacher made fun of him), caused a huge mental block and stresspoint in his life. He became so fearful of talking, and possibly ridiculed should he not be able to express what he wanted to say, that he felt it was was better to just stay quiet. He would even stutter calling us for a ride home!!! Needless to say, Clarice has done wonders for his confidence and outlook on life. She is an absolute professional and easy to work with–the highest recommendation possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Reactions To Situations



Becoming a healthier person – emotionally, physically and mentally!

My sessions with Clarice have been extraordinary and life changing. I am a career minded professional with great friends and family. My life can’t be better but there are few areas that I cannot seem to break through no matter how many self development books I read. Most of these areas are behavior related – areas such as my first reactions to situations or why I conduct myself the way I do at times.

Working with Clarice has offered me the opportunity to learn and understand my actions and reactions. Through my sessions with Clarice, I have become a better person. Clarice is extremely personable and professional. I have worked with other therapists in the past but never felt this level of comfort to openly discuss areas that are close to my heart; basically, sharing my vulnerability. Clarice is patient and I never felt rushed to discuss areas that I am not ready for. The end result has been amazing. These sessions have changed my life; I tell my friends all the time that Clarice is the best thing that ever happened to me! If you need a testimony, feel free to email me at ylalo75 @ aol. com. I will reply when time allows.

Pros: It’s worth every bit of your time and money. If you want to live a healthier life, there is no better way to go then visiting Clarice.

Cons: I can’t think of any. . .


Overcome Deep Rooted Problems



Dear Clarice,

I think of the value of my sessions with you and I am so grateful. For years I’ve felt burdened, like somethings held me back from reaching my life’s potential and I could never get to the core cause in therapy. That all went away through our hypnotic sessions. You helped me identify and overcome my deep-rooted problems one by one.   For the first time, I realized I always had the power to pursue my passions. That realization along with my new knowledge changed my life – I feel positive, all the fear has gone away and I have an inner peace knowing I can reach my goals.

I love my life and can’t express how grateful I am our paths crossed.

Thank you.


Passed Exam



Dear Clarice,

I am so happy that certain life events directed me your way and I am so happy that I met you. Only a few months ago, not passing my medical board exam made me realize that I needed help and I was so lucky to find you online. By meeting you and getting your therapy sessions, I was able to change my perspective of things and to understand myself better. You helped me organize my study hours more efficiently and with your take home CDs I was able to relax more and concentrate better on my studies and get the most out of them.

I am so happy today that I have retaken the exam and passed it with an above average score and am ready to move on to my residency training.

I can honestly say with great confidence that meeting you and getting hypnotherapy has been a pivotal point in my life which I will cherish for years to come. In the future, I am definitely going to recommend hypnotherapy sessions with you to all of my patients that might benefit from it for different life challenges or issues.

Thanks again for all your kindness and help.


Muscle & Nerve Spasm



I went to Clarice because I had been unsuccessful in controlling muscle and nerve spasms that were so extreme they were pulling my hip out of alignment. I was not necessarily skeptical of hypnotherapy, but I wasn’t sure it would work. However, I was willing to give it a try. 

Clarice is very insightful and has an extraordinarily calming influence. She helped me to identify why I was having such extreme reactions. After the first session, I felt that the process might begin to work after several more sessions. To my amazement, I was able to notice anytime my body was going to spasm and could make it stop. Since the second and third sessions it is a rare occurrence for me to even begin to feel tension rising in my body. 

I continue to use the tools that Clarice gave me in order to maintain this

level of health.

The drive to Glendale was well worth it!


Feel Fantastic



Dear Clarice,

Thank you very much for your wonderful service.  I am extremely grateful that God put you in my life.  I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Best Wishes!

Isabel Echeverry


Alter Negative Thoughts



Dear Clarice,

After I got home, I fell asleep until about a half an hour ago. It felt so good to literally fall asleep. I’m not a Dr. Phil fan, as you know; but there are a few things he’s written that have interested me. One is: “Writing about 10 pivotal people in your life.” You are definitely one of those people for me. Since February, I have begun to alter my negative, self-destructive thoughts because of your influence.  You’ve helped me grow, and within time I hope to “bloom where God has planted me.” You are such a miracle!

Thank you!!!


Things Going Well



Dear Clarice!

A very happy holiday season to you! Thanks so much for all your caring attention over the past year. Things are going very well and you deserve a lot of the credit.


Craig & Susan

Feel Better



When I first began hypnotherapy, Clarice told me that my whole life would change, and she was right! I still have more sessions ahead, but I’ve already begun to see some amazing things happening in my life. I also feel better than ever, both physically and mentally.

From the first few sessions, Clarice intuitively knew the source of my problem that was causing me pain. In fact, she knew the source before I fully realized it myself. She is an amazing person with a warm heart, and I am so grateful to have discovered her and her services. Before hypnotherapy, I was on the verge of giving up and losing hope. Now, my hope is restored.


Best Possible Way



Clarice, I am extremely grateful for your expert therapy. More so, I am so profoundly pleased and grateful that you have the ability to clearly perceive a given situation and know the best possible way to mitigate it. You… and your work… are such marvelous blessings.

Thank you very much!

Bob Crum

Let Go Of Alcohol



I was truly amazed that, after the first hypnotherapy session with Clarice, I was able to let go of the craving for alcohol.  I now have a much more positive outlook on life, feel more confident, and look forward to continued improvement with the aide of hypnotherapy. Clarice gave considerable attention to my individual history and present needs. I am now organizing and refocusing my career and personal objectives, and, with her generous support, look forward to fine-tuning my future.

Joe Griffith

Clearing Negative Thoughts



My experience has been so simple, exciting, beautiful — just relaxing and clearing away negative thoughts.  I can see how it is freeing up my heart to express itself more — in taking positive action toward my goals and dreams and also allowing positivity to come to me. My career is moving towards me because I am allowing in what I love to do.

I see changes already in my relationships and with my outlook in life. Clarice is a gifted healer that really does care. She takes the time to really listen and focus on what is truly helpful to you as an individual To allow someone to help you heal is such a gift to yourself and the people who know you.


Overcome Negative Behavior



I knew that in order for me to effectuate any lasting positive changes in my life, I would need help. I hoped to find a qualified hypnotherapist that I would feel absolutely safe and comfortable with, providing environment of trust and nurturing.

I feel fortunate that I found Clarice Barkhordarian to help me overcome the negative behavior I wanted to change. Her gentle, yet positive approach put me at ease immediately. I was amazed, as were my friends and family that as quickly as after my first session, my attitude and actions began to change for the better.  I have regained the much needed hope and confidence that I had thought I had lost.

I highly recommend Clarice who is not only a gifted and intuitive hypnotherapist but also a caring and compassionate person with a genuine desire to help.

I can be contacted through Clarice if you would like to personally and confidentially discuss my recommendation further.

Kathy Jeung

Learn To Love Yourself



I was skeptical and a little scared to go to a hypnotherapist. I thought my friends and husband would laugh at me. But, I was amazed.  I learned how to relax and get a great night sleep, letting the cares of the day slip away.

I have become a happier person by learning to love myself.  The response I am getting from other people is phenomenal. Even my boss sees my new, good mood!

I highly recommend hypnotherapy in general and Clarice Barkhordarian in particular. I am now working on my weight loss issues, and I have no doubt that I will be just as successful with that as I have been with all the other issues I have dealt with.

Mary Ann Gullo




I found the hypnotherapy I received before my major surgery for pancreatic cancer was most definitely time well spent.

It made the surgery more tolerable and successful. I had very little nervousness going into a surgery that lasted six hours!

Clarice even made a hospital bedside call that made my recovery that much better and faster.  The doctors were most impressed on how well I tolerated the procedure and how well I recovered.

Once home, the pre-recorded tapes still continue to help me in my long term recovery. I am most grateful to Clarice and have recommended her to my fellow teachers and friends.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Clarice. Your personalized therapy has been incredible.

Adrian Guillen

Courage To Confront



Hi Clarice,

Thanks for calling and checking on me the other day. Well before I begin I must say your company name is very appropriate… i do feel that I have been on an inner quest for not only trying to be a better human being but also trying to truly understand myself all my life. But this year will be a landmark year for me. I have come to many realizations about the whys and whats and wherefores of myself and how it effects my relationships and my state of mind and my quality of life. My experience with you has been the cherry on the top though, you helped bring to the forefront things I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise and also gave me the courage to confront my little devils (mostly of my own making) gnawing away at me.

Thank you Clarice!


Find Clarity



Clarice has a gift. She is able to empower and reassure and provides this in a warm and soothing environment. I found clarity and a firm resolve toward my initial challenge, which seemed overpowering and formidable at the time. This has definitely carried over to other aspects of my life. I am amazed at the power of hypnotherapy to unleash untapped potential.             


Control Stress    



Clarice helped me so much, I’ll always be grateful to her. Before I went to see her, I was always nervous and sleepless with an elevated heart rate. I had no way to control my stress. After 3 sessions, I became completely calm, and the effect has lasted ever since. I had been hesitant to try hypnotherapy, but it definitely exceeded my expectations and was absolutely worth it.

The B.

Flying Phobia



I had avoided flying for over 20 years because of a flying phobia.  I had developed phobic reactions to even the thought of flying.  My phobic response to flying undermined my self confidence and faith.

I was desperate and I heard through a friend of a friend that hypnotherapy helped them.  I began searching the internet and somehow ended up on Clarice’s site.  From some of the research I had already done, it appeared Clarice used the same techniques that were most successful in treating phobias and this is when I called Clarice desperate for help.  The moment I spoke to Clarice on the phone I felt at ease with her.  She is very calm and kind and I really felt like I could trust her.   We only had a couple of weeks before the trip but my sessions with Clarice helped me make it through those couple of weeks. 

I was a nervous wreck and Clarice was so patient and nurturing listening to all my different fears that would seem ridiculous to any other person.  My sessions with Clarice left me feeling calmer and more in control of my feelings .  Clarice suggested listening to her relaxation CD before bed and I was able to fall and sleep soundly for the night which I had not been able to do in the past.   I practiced some of the techniques she taught me during the day to take my mind off all of the what if’s that were wasting and draining my energy. 

The minute our shuttle pulled up to LAX and I saw the other travelers I got out and I was very calm and even excited about my vacation and to see my husband after 5 weeks of being gone.  It was really odd we checked in, went through security, and walked to the gate and I had no anxiety.  My husband called and could not believe how calm and happy I sounded and my parents were amazed how my nervous and scared demeanor from a few days before had transformed into the confident and strong person I normally am. 

While actually boarding the plane and take off I was calm and confident and ended up having a really enjoyable flight.  I had a great vacation and had no anxiety about the return flight the whole time I was there.  On our return flight I had no anxiety, my husband was shocked at how calm and happy I was.  I definitely want to fly again and I credit Clarice and the hypnotherapy sessions for getting me through this phobia.  I feel like a huge burden or secret has been lifted from me and my family and I experienced a vacation of a life time and it seems like we all grew and became closer from the experience.  


Disclaimer:  Individual Results May Vary.